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Chalitha Medagoda

General Manager

As General Manager, Chalitha is responsible for the efficient day to day functioning of the firm’s internal operational processes as well as the overall performance of the business, a role for which he is particularly well equipped by his diverse experience and extremely graceful disposition.  Chalitha’s personalised approach and adeptness at dealing with our clients and staff are highly prized by the firm.

Chalitha brings to Enyo his significant international experience, having worked in Melbourne, Dubai and Colombo in his native Sri Lanka. Chalitha has utilised a Master of International Business (Deakin University) to manage businesses in a variety of industries including insurance, private investment, and the arts, gaining experience in everything from launching new products in the Middle East, project investment in parts of Africa, to work with major international art auction houses. 

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of the management of Enyo Lawyers, then please feel free to contact at or on +61 7 3180 0510.

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